At Tamarind Institute: Madalyn with 2012 Witt visiting artist Jill Graham
On a recent trip to Albuquerque Stamps senior Madalyn Hochendoner and a group of UM students visited Jill Graham at Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque and sent us this exciting report:   To our surprise when we arrived there was a ping pong table set up and an intense game just beginning.  Tamarind artists not only know how to make prints—they know how to have fun and get down.  There is a record player with a collection of records, and one day a week they jam all day long.  It’s an intense program, but they do have their outlets. There were several different parts to the Institute. On the first floor there was an area where the master printers in training meet with MFA students from the University of New Mexico and collaborate on printing editions. Then there is the room with all of the racks holding the litho stones.  Each Tamarind student gets two stones.  Then there is a third area where one lucky second year Tamarind student gets to print the work of artists invited to produce published editions. Tamarind Print Gallery is located on the second floor of the Institute where prints produced at the studio are exhibited.  The current exhibition, Good in the Kitchen, had some incredible prints.  I remembered Sue Coe from the Stamps talk she gave last year and got a photo in front of one of her terrifying prints depicting our slaughterhouse mentality in the meat industry.  All of the prints pushed the boundaries of the established norms of domesticity and what it really means to be “good in the kitchen”.  I left even more in awe of the possibilities lithography holds.

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